Walk with history

The University of Madeira Students' Union (AAUMa) has developed several cultural and scientific enterprises aimed at connecting the history and culture of Portugal, with an emphasis on Madeira Island.

These enterprises have enabled the development of various projects aimed to support our most disadvantaged students at the University. The most significant of these projects is the Nourishment Fund which, since its creation in 2013, has financed thousands of meals for the students. Together with the Scholarship Fund, which aims to provide some school supplies, AAUMa has been able to help many students who may have otherwise found themselves struggling financially.

One of the ways in which we raise money for our social projects is through the History Tellers. This program aims to present the Funchal of the past and the present day. In this unique experience, a student guides a group of visitors around the old streets and buildings of the city describing the fascinating history of Funchal.

Through constantly updated historical research, we tell Funchal's story, how and why it has transformed into the fascinating city that stands today.

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